New Flavors from Patriot Vapor

Check out what your favorite Patriots have been brewing!
Washington's Brew

Fruity Beer Float with Fire Roasted Hops

Top off your coils with this fruity beer float, blended with fire–roasted hops that would have even Sam Adams taking notes

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Tea Party

Fruit–Infused Tea

In memory of the earliest tea–drinkers, break the crate and snap into this fruit–infused tea.

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Bald Eagle

Cinnamon Teddy Graham

Soar over our mountains majesty with this graham cracker cinnamon taste that is worthy of our national bird.

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Mt. Rushmore

Combo of Two Fruity Cereals

Feel the rush of a national monument, carved out of two fruit cereals. Mountains of pebbles and loops await you.

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Revere's Ride

Pineapple Blend Peach Yogurt

Sun sweetened pineapple blended with white peach yogurt. A perfect combination to have you galloping towards freedom.

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Strawberries and Cream

Historic Year… Historic Flavor. Enjoy this delicious creamy strawberry that has declared an independent nation.

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Made in the U.S.A

Patriot Vapor is made in a AEMSA Certified clean lab right in “Race City U.S.A”; Mooresville, N.C. All extracts and ingredients are sourced from American suppliers. Only made in the U.S.A. is your satisfaction guaranteed.

Created, made, and based out of Mooresville NC (AKA Race City USA), Patriot Vapor has a home in one of the most All-American cities in our country. Mooresville is home to the auto racing industry, a hugely American tradition steeped with American pride. We feel welcome and deserving of the title Patriot Vapor. So go on, and vape like a Patriot!